About us



       Since its inception in 2018, PlanarX (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. has been on a pivotal mission: to introduce and promote its independently developed polishing pads and conditioners in the Chinese market. This strategic initiative is rooted in a steadfast commitment to challenging and diversifying the market that has been long dominated by international brands. Originating from its foundational operations at Basat Technology in Singapore, PlanarX has been at the forefront of pioneering and localizing essential technological products.

Marking a significant milestone in 2023, PlanarX established its operations in Suzhou, signaling a notable leap in the localization and mass production of its offerings. As a key player in the global high-tech product sector, PlanarX (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. not only stands as a symbol of technological innovation but also as a testament to the company's dedication to contributing to national progress and strengthening global competitiveness.

Committed to positioning itself as a leader in the Chinese market for polishing pads and conditioners, PlanarX (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. concentrates on the development and integration of cutting-edge technological products. Our goal is to deliver optimal solutions that not only align with but surpass our clients' expectations regarding cost efficiency, reduction in defects, product longevity, and process stability.

Moving forward, PlanarX (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering superior solutions in the realm of polishing pads and conditioners, thereby actively contributing to the advancement of China's semiconductor industry. We eagerly anticipate forging collaborative partnerships, striving jointly towards a prosperous and innovative future.



Our vision is to become a leading manufacturer of polishing pads and conditioners in China, while establishing our position as a leader in cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions within the global semiconductor industry. Committed to close collaboration with industry partners, we aim to drive progress and development across the sector. We firmly believe that by continuously pursuing technological breakthroughs and excellence, we can lead the industry forward and jointly create a more efficient and reliable semiconductor ecosystem.


Our corporate culture is founded on technological innovation, continuous improvement, and putting customers first. We encourage teamwork, respect diversity, and are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters personal growth and corporate advancement. At PlanarX, every employee is an integral part of our ongoing journey of innovation. We believe that through unity and collective effort, we can achieve our vision and create greater value for our customers and society.


Our mission is to support the technological advancement of the semiconductor industry by providing the highest quality polishing pads and conditioners. We are dedicated to continual research and innovation, not only to enhance the performance of our products but also to meet the constantly evolving demands of the market. Our goal is to bring higher efficiency, lower costs, and more stable processes to our clients through our products and services, while also contributing to the development of the entire semiconductor industry.