Technical Services


Surface Analysis

In our business, we possess state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that provide our clients with comprehensive capabilities for analyzing polishing pads and conditioners' surfaces. We also offer technical support to assist our clients in problem-solving and process optimization.

Within our laboratory, we conduct surface analysis of polishing pads, precisely measuring the physical dimensions of the polishing pad grooves. We provide specialized services such as scanning electron microscope imaging and surface roughness analysis. These data analyses not only offer insights into the characteristics of the product surfaces but, more importantly, help clients identify potential issues and find solutions.

Our laboratory also assists clients in assessing the cutting rates of conditioners, providing scanning electron microscope images that offer a deeper understanding of conditioner product performance and quality.

In addition to data analysis, we boast a highly experienced team of product experts. They work closely with our clients to identify and resolve issues collaboratively, offering optimization recommendations and solutions.

Our commitment is to provide clients with comprehensive support, ensuring they obtain the best solutions for polishing pads and conditioners, ultimately leading to continuous process improvement and success. Through our laboratory and expert team, clients can maintain a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive market, continuously improving production efficiency and product quality.