PlanarDisk™ Pad Conditioner

Our cutting-edge CVD film pad conditioner is engineered for an extended operational lifespan, is metal-free, and delivers exceptionally good defect performance."
Product Introduction

PlanarDisk™ adopts advanced diamond film conditioning technology, which has proven its high efficiency in numerous processes, demonstrating a stable advantage compared to other products in the market. This diamond film conditioner, applied in various CMP processes, offers manufacturers an efficient and economical solution, optimizing process performance.

We will continue to invest resources and persistently improve the performance of PlanarDisk™ to meet the evolving market demands, providing our customers with the best solutions. Whether in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness, or reliability, PlanarDisk™ is a trustworthy choice.

PlanarX Conditioner Products and Applications

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▍PlanarDisk™ Conditioner Technology Advantages

PlanarDisk™ Conditioners are our independently developed and manufactured products, with a technology level that leads in the international market. They offer the following advantages:

  • Stable Performance: Our design and manufacturing process ensure exceptional stability and batch-to-batch consistency in our controllers, providing stable support for our customers’ production processes, thereby optimizing efficiency and quality control.
  • Defect Prevention and Control: Our design philosophy is dedicated to preventing and isolating defects in diamond materials, reducing production losses, decreasing scrap rates, and ensuring high-quality output.
  • Metal Contamination Free: The non-metallic design of the PlanarDisk™ controller completely eliminates the risk of metal contamination, meeting the requirements for advanced processes below 28 nanometers and offering greater application flexibility.
  • Extended Lifespan: Unique material selection and process optimization allow the PlanarDisk™ controller to far exceed the lifespan of traditional products, significantly enhancing production efficiency and effectively reducing costs.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer a range of customized options for PlanarDisk™ controllers, covering everything from traditional to high-end requirements, demonstrating our depth and flexibility in technical services.


▍Case study - Product Advantages


Customer data confirms that PlanarDisk™ Conditioners outperform competitors in the following aspects: Extended Lifespan, Stable Polish Performance,Reduced Polish Pad Roughness and Lower Product Defect Rate.