PlanarPad™ Pad

Our CMP polishing pad is engineered with advanced, proprietary non-porous pad material technology. This innovation ensures a consistent removal rate profile, thereby substantially enhancing the durability and extending the operational lifespan of the polishing pad.
Product Introduction

Our PlanarPad™ CMP polishing pads are integrated with a specialized non-porous pad material technology, which has been practically applied across various CMP process domains. This technology demonstrates stable performance and reliability in diverse processing environments, offering our clients effective process solutions that enhance the stability and reliability of their processes.

The application of PlanarPad™ in the industry has showcased its practical capabilities in improving polishing uniformity, reducing surface irregularities, and prolonging the lifespan of the pad material. This technology not only meets the fundamental needs of our customers but also offers innovative and customized options, aiding them in addressing market competition.

PlanarX Pad Products and Applications



▍PlanarPAD™ Pad Technology Advantages

Our PlanarPAD™ polishing pad product has broken through industry technical bottlenecks, achieving a significant increase in remove rate, reduction in defect rate, and outstanding planarization capabilities.

  • High-Efficiency Stable Performance: PlanarPAD™ features unique pore-less technology, ensuring stable polishing effects under low CoC conditions, extending pad life, and optimizing planarization. The optimized polyurethane (PU) formula, tailored to application needs, offers consistent long-term polishing rates and enhanced planarization. This innovative approach is ideal for high-precision processes sensitive to metal contamination, effectively improving productivity and cost-efficiency.
  • Enhanced Planarization and Defect Control: By precisely adjusting the pad surface roughness, PlanarPAD™ maintains consistent grinding rates and profiles, unaffected by pad wear or pore distribution. The 30% increase in density of the pore-less PU extends the pad life by 1.4 times and reduces surface asperities, achieving improved dishing and erosion performance. These features lower defect rates and ensure consistent product quality.
  • Durable and Customized Solutions: The solid, high-density PU design extends the pad’s lifespan, reduces replacement frequency, and lowers long-term operating costs. PlanarPAD™ also offers customized solutions to meet the specific grinding needs of various customers.
  • Quality Traceability System: Equipped with a comprehensive quality traceability system, PlanarPAD™ ensures product stability and consistency, offering reliable and efficient solutions to customers.


▍Case study - Product Advantages


In our client-side testing, we conducted a comparative study covering planariztion, scratch defects, polishing rate, as well as dishing and erosion performance. The data clearly demonstrates that, compared to competitors'porous polishing pads, our PlanarPad™ new non-porous polishing pad has significant advantages in all these performance aspects.